President Message

Spreading education among masses is perhaps the greatest gift one can give to society as it enlightens and empowers people, humanizes them and lends meaning to their existence and thereby brings peace and prosperity in society and makes this universe more livable. Since its inception in 1961, MES Group of Educational Institutions, Sirsi has been serving the humanity by providing high-quality education at the most affordable cost. I feel really proud to be at the helm of this great institute since 2012, which was envisioned as a temple of learning by our revered visionaries. Liberal patronage of the management, dynamic leadership of the principals, past and present and energetic dedication of the staff members have nurtured it over the years to become a favoured destination of the students.

I feel immensely elated in welcoming you to this unique and glorious institution rooted in the belief that doing one’s job with utmost dedication and sincerity is the best form of worship of God, thus justifying its motto ‘Do Your Job Well’ which is the driving force behind the work-culture and success story of the institution. 

Our well-educated faculty equipped with latest technology and trends in the field of higher education, inspired by a missionary zeal, motivated by a remarkable student success and supported by a humane and compassionate support staff stands ready to help students reach their goals. Quality of instruction, advanced and updated learning material, small class sizes, accessible teachers and better support services being our forte, there can be no better place for students, both at the bachelor and advanced levels, to begin their academic journey than MES, Sirsi.

I look forward to your continuous and harmonious development through care, compassion and concern so that you may go out in the world to glitter and glow.

G.M.Hegde Mulkhand