Souhardha Book Stores

MES Students Souharda Co-Operative

Aims And Objectives
  1. Promoting thrift, self -help and co-operative feeling among the members and providing education in this regard.
  2. Procuring books and stationeries and their purchase, storage and sales as required by the members to get quality education.
  3. Planning and implementing promotional programmes for the educational development of members
  4. Spreading message of importance of active participation on co-operative principles among the members, implementation of co-operative principles and education, benefits of cooperation in education. Organising press releases, workshops and other programmes.
  5. Organising book stores and exhibitions based on co-operative principles.
  6. Depending on business requirements the organization can own sites, construct a building, renovation and other activities.
  7. If need arises with prior permission of Governing Council members, branches could be opened and frame rules in this regard.
  8. Additional resource can be invested as per the co-operative resource rules Section-18.
  9. Promoting education on co-operatives and creating funds.
  10. Managing other programmes which improves the economic progress of the members and general public
  11. By using internet and modern technologies to improve and strengthen the business of the co-operatives and extend new services
  12. To achieve the goals of the co-operatives as per the rules and regulations create a federation, get membership of similar partner institutions

Following categories of people are eligible to become members.
A-Category: Students who are studying in Modern Education Society® (MES) educational institutions above the age of 18
B-Category: All teaching and non-teaching staff who are working at MES
C-Category: All members of Governing Council

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